Thoughts on the Displayed Products

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Junmai-Shu Shuhai

According to Masaharu Honda, the fourth-generation president of the company, "It has a mild yet crisp taste. It is a sake that can be drunk slowly for a long time, so it should be drunk every day and especially on celebratory occasions."
The perfect temperature to drink it at is around 45°C (45°F) when heated, or 14-15°C (14-15°F) when chilled. "It goes especially well with fish, tofu, and hot pots," says President Honda. The reasonable price is also a plus.

Ginjo-Genshu, Rokku ga umai
(Great on the Rocks)

Ginjo-Genshu, Rokku ga umai (Great  on the Rocks)  is full of playfulness. The most unique characteristic of this product is that it is packaged in an aluminum can. "It cools down quickly and won't break. We have many repeaters!" says President Honda. The 18% alcohol content keeps it from tasting watery, and its refreshing sharpness is pretty addictive.